How much damage will be done to my lawn and yard?

All of our equipment has rubber tracks specifically made to minimize damage and impacts to your yard. We have a mini skidsteer, a full size skidsteer, and an excavator that all have rubber tracks. As needed, we will bring in topsoil, lawn seed, and even hydroseeding for larger areas.

Do I need a permit to install shoreline riprap?

According to the MN DNR, typically, it is not required if there is a demonstrated need to stop erosion, stabilize the shoreline or to restore an eroded shoreline. (www.dnr.state.mn.us/permits/water/answers)

However, we do recommend verifying and obtaining any necessary permits if required.  

Will installing riprap prevent future ice damage?

There is no guarantee that riprapping will prevent  shoreline damage caused by ice pushup, but it does provide your best protection and minimizes the overall ice impact when done properly.

To minimize weeds appearing in your newly installed riprap, boulder retaining walls or freshly landscaped areas,  we recommend not blowing any lawn clippings in to that area.